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Our website

Our website is a comprehensive and invaluable resource, which provides information on benefits and grants all in one place.

Our website is designed to help people find appropriate sources of financial support, quickly and easily, based on their particular needs and circumstances.

Features include:

  • A Benefits Calculator that helps people ensure that they are receiving all the welfare benefits they are entitled to

  • A Grants Search containing details of over 2,800 charitable funds (national, regional and local) that may be able to give financial support and other services 

  • A  confidential ‘My Turn2us’ online account that can be used to make enquiries and applications to grant-giving charities

  • 'Your situation' section on a wide range of subjects related to welfare benefits and grants.

  • A Find an Adviser tool to help users find local advisers, according to need

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The Turn2us website has been awarded the Plain English Campaign Internet Crystal Mark. This means the Plain English Campaign have checked that the site is clearly written and easy to use. They also review the site annually to make sure it keeps to their standards.

Website security

The website is secured via the SSL protocol, which is the industry standard for communications between users and websites. This means that any information sent via an SSL connection is protected by encryption to prevent eavesdropping and tampering with transmitted data.

Turn2us holds a unique web server certificate (also known as a secure server certificate or SSL certificate), which is required to initialise each SSL session. Users can see when a secure SSL session has begun. Their browser will display a little gold padlock and the address bar will begin with ‘https’ rather than ‘http’.

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Last updated March 2016