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Fraud Investigations - What is Benefit or Tax Credit fraud?

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What is Benefit or Tax Credit fraud?

Benefit or Tax Credit fraud is an offence which may be committed by either making:

a) False representation for claiming benefits or tax credits

  • This means that you give information or evidence which you know to be false, or

  • Fail to notify a change in your circumstances which you know affects your benefit or tax credit, or

  • Cause or allow another person to fail to notify a change which you know affects their benefit or tax credit.


b) Dishonest representation for claiming benefits or tax credits

  • This means that you knew that you were acting dishonestly when you gave incorrect information or evidence, or failed to report a change.

Special rules allow for investigation and prosecution where you are suspected of benefit or tax credit fraud. They apply to any benefit or tax credit that you receive from:

It is very important that you seek advice before responding to an allegation of fraud. You can use our Find an Adviser tool to find a local advice service.

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