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Hospital and benefits - Benefits that stop being paid if you go into hospital

When you or a member of your family go into or come out of hospital, the welfare benefits you get may change. What will happen to your benefits depends on the type of benefit you get. A stay in hospital can also affect the benefits your partner or carer gets.

Benefits that stop being paid if you go into hospital

If you are aged 18 or over, payments of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and Attendance Allowance (AA) you get will stop after you have been in hospital for 28 days.  If you are under 18 on the day you enter hospital, your DLA or PIP payments will not stop.

If your DLA, PIP or AA payments stop, they will be paid again as soon as you come out of hospital. If you come out of hospital, but have to go back in within 28 days your benefit will stop again as soon as you become a patient.  

If you were living in a care home before going into hospital and payment of DLA care component, PIP daily living component or AA had stopped, you will not be paid when you go into hospital. Also, after 28 days in hospital payment of the mobility component of DLA or PIP will stop.   

If you get the mobility component of DLA or PIP and are using it to buy a car under the Motability scheme; if you lose your DLA or PIP during your lease, arrangements will be made for the return of the car. However, you will only pay the cost of the lease until the car is returned, not for the remaining length of the lease. If you paid an Advance Payment, this will be refunded to you on a pro rata basis (i.e. to cover the period you are in hospital).  Motability should not seek to recover your vehicle for up to 28 days (or longer where they exercise discretion).


Updated February 2018

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