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Valuation Tribunal (England and Wales) - Valuation Tribunal - Oral hearing

If you appeal against a Council Tax Support (Council Tax Reduction) decision in England or Wales, a Valuation Tribunal will deal with your appeal. This guide goes through the process of what happens after your appeal is received.

Valuation Tribunal - Oral hearing

An oral hearing means that you and your representative (if you have one) can attend, or your representative can attend the hearing without you.

On the hearing day there is likely to be more than one case being heard and each is heard in turn.

The people on the Tribunal panel will already have seen all the information and evidence about your case that has been sent to them.

When your case is heard you or your representative will be given a chance to explain in your own words why you think the decision is wrong. Then the local authority’s representative will explain how they came to their decision.

The tribunal panel may ask questions about the case. If you have questions for the local authority, you can ask these as well.

When the tribunal panel think they have all the information they need, they will ask you if you want to say anything else to support your case.

They will then ask you to leave the room so they can discuss all the evidence and make their decision.
You may be told the decision there and then.

Following the hearing you will receive the decision, and reasons for the decision, in writing within one month. The Tribunal will also send the decision to your Local Authority


If you ask for an oral hearing and you or your representative don't attend, the Tribunal may dismiss your appeal.

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