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Apply for a Grant - Grants Search: Information you may need

Once you have found charitable funds that may be able to assist you, the next step is to make an enquiry to them. This guide explains the steps involved.

Grants Search: Information you may need

What information do I need?

A charitable fund is likely to ask you for the following information about the person needing help:

  • Personal details: date of birth, place of birth, nationality, address, religion, area of the country and the parish they live in

  • Occupational history: type of jobs held, industries worked in, what company or organisation you worked for, any military service they have had (including national service), and length of time worked in them.

  • Health conditions/disabilities

  • Caring responsibilities if any

  • Reason for applying for help

  • Income: from benefits, tax credits, earnings from employment, State Retirement Pension, occupational pensions and any other sources

  • Savings, investments and other capital

  • Details of rent or mortgage payments

  • How much their annual Council Tax bill is and whether they get any help with it

  • Information about anyone else living with them - spouses, partners, civil partners, dependent children or grown-up children. Are they in employment or on benefits? What is their income?

  • Whether anyone receives Carer's Allowance for looking after them or anyone else in the household

  • Anything particular about them that might lead to possible help from another charitable fund or organisation.


If the person who needs help is married, in a civil partnership or living with someone as a couple, the charitable fund will also need information about them as listed above, including details of their income and savings.

Remember help may be available through a partner's connection to a charitable fund, for example. occupation, armed forces service, nationality, religion.

Applying on behalf of a child

As well as information about the child that needs help, the charitable fund will need information about their parents or guardians as listed above.

Last reviewed:  July 2018


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