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Licensed Trade Charity

Helping people in need who work or have worked in pubs, bars or breweries in England, Wales or Northern Ireland to get back on their feet again.

Licensed Trade Charity digital bannerThe Licensed Trade Charity is here to help and support people who work or have worked in pubs, bars or breweries to get back on their feet again.

How we help

Advice and specialist support is available on a range of personal issues with the aim to help people get through their problem and on with their lives:

  • Health: Support with changes in health, a serious illness, living with a disability or stress, depression or dependency issues
  • Housing: If your living conditions are unsafe and affect your job, or if you find yourself without a roof over your head
  • Relationships: Providing support for family break ups or loss, through to social isolation for older people who are retired from the trade
  • Debt: State benefit information, debt and pensions schemes advice, planning for retirement or dealing with bankruptcy
  • Education and training: We help you reach your full potential by providing access to adult education support if you are considering retraining. We can also help you maximise your child’s schooling.

All support is confidential and includes a free helpline and a resource website with live chat.

Financial support

We can also provide financial assistance where there is real need, subject to assessment and means testing.

Our grants can support people to access accommodation, address mortgage or rent arrears and other debt issues. We can also award grants for disability aids, emotional help and can provide short term hardship grants if people are unable to work for any reason.

As the range of financial support we can provide is quite varied, we would ask you to contact our helpline on 0808 8010550 to talk things through. Where we can, we arrange a visit by one of our trained volunteer visitors who are dotted around the United Kingdom. They will collect the application, write a report and present it to our committee who will then make a decision as to whether financial support will be awarded.

People we have helped


When Marie separated from her husband, they had debts related to their pub business which was in Marie’s name. She had to declare herself bankrupt and she and her family moved out into rented accommodation. Marie has 2 teenage sons, Sam and Calvin (who has Asperger's syndrome). With no income to pay rent in advance or a deposit and with the pressure of having to look after her family single-handedly, Marie found it all too much. It was her eldest son Sam who called the Licensed Trade Charity to ask for help. We helped Marie by offering support and legal guidance.

Watch Marie's video


Lucy grew up in a family-run pub and became alcohol dependent from an early age. She spent her Dad’s inheritance money to get through rehab but needed a place to stay when her half-way home closed down. Thanks to the help of the Licensed Trade Charity, Lucy has a new home and is studying for a MSc in Addiction Psychology and Counselling so she can help other people in similar circumstances who are recovering from the effects of alcohol dependency.

Watch Lucy's video


Having enjoyed working in a pub since he was 18, Chris’s life changed dramatically following a serious accident when he was 23 that left him disabled. When Chris moved into a new flat, we helped by making Chris’ life a little bit more comfortable at home, including specially adapted kitchen appliances.

Watch Chris's video

Find out more or contact us

For more information contact us:

Telephone: 0808 801 0550 or



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If you live in Scotland: Scottish Licensed Trade Benevolent Fund (The Ben)

People in Scotland who have worked for three years or more full time in the licensed trade can apply for help from the Scottish Licensed Trade Benevolent Fund (The Ben).

For more information, see the Scottish Licensed Trade Benevolent Fund profile on the Turn2us Grants Search


Marie's story

Find out how Marie was helped by Licensed Trade Charity following her marriage breakdown.

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Photo of Chris

Chris's story

Find out how Chris found help from Licensed Trade Charity

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