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The Insurance Charities

Supporting past and present insurance employees and their dependants across the UK and Ireland

""The Insurance Charities is the charity for the UK and Irish insurance industry, which has been providing support for current and former insurance employees and their dependants since 1902. 

Last year we gave over £1.2 million of help to insurance people in need.

What help is available?

Our aim is to ensure that all insurance employees in the UK and Ireland are aware that we are here to help them in times of need.

We can help with one-off payments, such as washing machines or other household appliances, or provide on-going help until individuals and families are able to support themselves.

We can also signpost people to specialist advice and give practical support to those with health, money management and housing concerns.

We understand that anyone can suffer a misfortune in their life which can turn their world upside-down and transform their day-to-day life from being manageable to unmanageable. Whether it is an illness that means a parent can no longer work, a child with health issues that require on-going treatment or a breakdown of a relationship or redundancy, we can be there to provide support.

Who is eligible for support from the Insurance Charities?

We support anyone in the insurance sector, from brokers, to loss adjusters, claims assistants, underwriters, call centre operators or personal assistants in an insurance company. As long as your employment is insurance related and you meet our eligibility criteria we can support you.

Those eligible for help from The Insurance Charities are:

  • Current or past insurance employees:

    • with at least five years’ work in insurance within the last ten years, or

    • with less than five years’ insurance work but where insurance has made up the majority of your career to date, or

    • with at least five years’ work in insurance immediately prior to retirement, or

    • in receipt of a pension or deferred pension from an insurance employer.

  • Dependants of a current or former insurance employee

The Insurance service must be in the UK or Irish insurance industry.

In addition, they have:

  • Restricted financial means in terms of income and capital
  • Suffered an element of misfortune

Applicants do not need to be a member of the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) to apply for help from us.

Insurance Charities Awareness Week

Every year, in June, we run Insurance Charities Awareness Week. The aim of the week is to reach as many insurance employees as possible to let them know we are here to support them. As part of the week we send out complimentary display boxes to insurance companies full of branded items for their staff to take and learn more about us. You can find out more on our website

How Tracy was helped by the Insurance Charities

Further information

If you are in need of help, or know a colleague who is, please get in touch.

The Insurance Charities
20 Aldermanbury
London EC2V 7HY

Telephone: 020 7606 3763


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