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Trusts and Foundations

Turn2us’ work is generously supported by Charitable Trusts and Foundations.

We have been fortunate enough to develop some strong and understanding relationships with a number of Charitable Trusts and Foundations over the years, and it’s been inspiring to watch our work and projects grow together.

From core support for our grants and information services, to funding projects in rural or deprived areas or improving the lives of people with disabilities, much of what we do simply wouldn’t be possible without them.

We are very grateful to all the charitable Trusts and Foundations enabling Turn2us to help people across the UK through difficult financial times.

We are delighted to highlight and thank some of our valued supporters:

  • Alice Ellen Cooper Dean Charitable Foundation
  • Band Trust
  • Benecare Foundation
  • Bryan Guinness Charitable Trust
  • Casa Stella Trust
  • Charlotte Bonham Carter Charitable Trust
  • Copley May Foundation
  • Garfield Weston Foundation
  • Hugh Fraser Foundation
  • Ofenheim Charitable Trust
  • Sobell Foundation
  • Yorkshire & Clydesdale Bank Foundation

Interested in supporting our work?

Please get in touch with Turn2us, if:

  • You are a Trustee of a Trust or Foundation (or know someone who is) and would like to make a difference to the lives of those experiencing financial hardship, or
  • Your company or employer is interested in supporting our work through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.

Contact us

For further information, please contact Pat Cripps, Trusts and Fundraising Officer, on: 07807 967 460 or email

Read the Turn2us Supporter Promise.

If you can support Turn2us in any way, contact our fundraising team.

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