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Volunteer Resources

Our Volunteer Visitors are the face of the Elizabeth Finn Fund and we think it’s vital to make sure that every person who gives their time to help people in need is fully supported.

Turn2us Volunteers’ Area on our Website

As part of our current Volunteering Strategy to improve volunteer’s access to resources to support you in your volunteering we have created a secure area on the Turn2us website. Because it may sometimes contain information that is confidential to our volunteers and which should not be accessed by members of the public or unauthorised Turn2us staff, you will need to register for an account to access this area. 

When you log into your volunteer’s account, you will be able to:

•    access all key volunteering documents (forms, templates and policies)
•    submit visit reports and access past visit reports
•    read the latest Turn2us news and information.

For our Visitors it will remove the need for you to keep visit reports electronically on your home computer or as a paper copy if you choose to use the report upload function which is also more secure than emailing your report to us, However, if you prefer to email or post your reports, you can continue to do so. 

Updated November 2017