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Turn2us Charities/Providers User Guide - Using My Turn2us to manage your account

Using My Turn2us to manage your account

Once you have logged into your Charities/Providers account, you can manage your account, profile and enquiries using the My Turn2us area.

To select what you want to do, hover your mouse over the My Turn2us option on the main navigation bar at the top of the screen. The My Turn2us navigation list for Charities/Providers will appear (see screengrab below). You can then click on the option you want.

Screengab of the Charities My Turn2us navigation list

Options available

Managing your profile

  • Update Provider (User) Account: Allows you to update your user profile, change your email address and password or request deletion of a provider (user not your charity)
  • Add User: Add an additional user to your profile
  • Delete Provider Organisation: Request the deletion of your charity's profile and all schemes, user accounts and enquiries associated with it.

Updating your profile

Normally, you would also be able to:

  • Update Provider (Organisation): Allows you to update your organisation's contact details and enquiry settings
  • Schemes: View and edit the profile for any schemes (funds) that are attached to your profile.

However, we are making some changes to the Grants Search which means that you are temporarily unable to update your fund details.

If you wish to change any of the contact details, descriptive content, application process or make any other changes, please email the change to email: and we will make the updates as soon as possible.

Managing enquiries (if you have opted to receive online enquiries through Turn2us)

  • Messages: Check what messages you have and respond to them
  • Enquiries: Check what enquiries you have and respond to them.


  • Favourites: View pages you have saved as favourites on the Turn2us website
  • ​Provider: Takes you back to the landing page for charity accounts
  • Sign Out: Sign out of your charity/provider account.

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