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B&CE Charitable Trust

Helping people in need who have worked as a construction worker within the construction industry or are financially dependent on someone who does.

B&CE Charitable Trust visit to ShekinahLife doesn’t always go to plan. And when it doesn’t, we all need a helping hand.

That’s why not-for-profit organisation B&CE set up the B&CE Charitable Trust in 1991. The Trust was founded to offer that vital helping hand to individuals and organisations working in the construction sector – where B&CE began life.

B&CE Charitable Trust's aims

The Trust has three clear aims.

To provide:

  • Financial help for people in times of need, to lighten the load when they need it most
  • Grants towards education, training and retraining, to help people get back on their feet
  • Grants towards occupational health and safety initiatives.

Financial help for people in times of need

When financial difficulty strikes, perhaps as a result of redundancy or a period of unemployment, it can have a devastating impact on individuals and their families. If you’ve been directly affected, or you’re an organisation or employer who wants to nominate someone in need, the B&CE’s Charitable Trust is here to help.

Our grants help lighten the load in a number of ways, from helping to clear rent, mortgage and council tax arrears, to paying for home adaptations and disability aids, to buying essential white goods (such as cookers and fridge freezers).

Grants for education, training and retraining

Education and training can help build a strong future for the UK’s construction industry and for the people who make it work. If you’re an individual forced to take a fresh look at your skills after illness or injury, for example, the Charitable Trust can help by contributing to the cost of retraining and gaining valuable basic industry accreditation (individuals must have 12 months of construction experience and be able to evidence this). We can also help the long-term unemployed gain the entry level qualifications they need to work in construction. And we support organisations that help young people begin their careers in the industry.

Grants for health and safety initiatives

Needless to say, health and safety is a top priority for the construction industry.
We also support groups that focus on this, ensuring that construction workers can live and work in a safe environment. We work closely with trade unions, federations and other organisations who deal with occupational health and safety initiatives in the building and civil engineering industries.

Who we help

In order to apply for an individual grant, a person needs to:

  • Be currently employed as a ‘tradesperson’ within the construction industry

  • Have previously worked as a ‘tradesperson’ within the construction industry (for at least 12 months)

  • Be seeking employment as a ‘tradesperson’ within the construction industry.

A ‘tradesperson’ is defined as someone who is/has been manually involved in the build of a project. For example:

  • A grounds person working as a civil engineer on a project

  • A labourer working on a site

  • A plant driver working on site as part of a construction build project

  • A painter and decorator

  • A scaffolder

  • Any job description quoted in the Construction Industry Joint Council (CIJC) agreement.

How to apply

We treat all queries on an individual basis with compassion and confidentiality, and our Trustees carefully assess each application on its own merit. You can apply (or nominate someone who needs our help) by:

Who we have helped

In the video below, you can see the difference we made to Richard’s life. At 37, he had lost his job, home and family. Through Shekinah (a retraining charity supported by the Charitable Trust) Richard has been able to rebuild his life


Date of publication: March 2017