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CABA - Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association

Are you a past or present member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants England and Wales (ICAEW)? Are you in financial need?

CABA may be able to help you.

CABA infographic showing a family of 4 sitting on a sofa

CABA provides lifelong advice and support for past and present ICAEW members and their families. Whether they’re in work, training, or retired, wherever they are in the world.

Financial hardship may not be automatically associated with ICAEW chartered accountants but here at CABA we know it can be a real issue for some.

What grants can CABA give you?

We can provide short term grants, for example to help cover living expenses in cases of unemployment. We can also provide donations for things like respite care, care home top-up fees, specialist wheelchairs, household repairs and much more.

Each case is means-tested and assessed on an individual basis.

If we’re unable to offer financial assistance, our support officers may still be able to help with:

  • Debt advice

  • Budgeting support

  • Benefits checks and applications

What else can CABA offer you?

All our services are designed to make life a little easier. We’re here to help in all kinds of ways:

  • With career coaching and professional and personal development courses – helping people move on, move up or move back into work

  • With emotional support - helping people cope with bereavement, depression, relationship problems and much more

  • With practical help – including debt and legal advice, carer support and help with home adaptations or repairs

  • With a wealth of online resources – including our wellbeing zone and benefits calculator. Promoting wellbeing 24/7.

CABA agreed to fund the full cost of the vehicle. The freedom it gives us has had a considerable impact on our son’s wellbeing – and on ours. Andrew

People who have been helped by CABA


"CABA agreed to fund the full cost of the vehicle. The freedom it gives us has had a considerable impact on our son’s wellbeing – and on ours."

Read Andrew's story and how he was helped by CABA


"I feel quite secure. I’ve always had a sunny outlook on life. And it’s good to know that if something’s not right, CABA are there to turn to."

Read how Patricia found help from CABA


"If you’re reading this and feeling that you should be able to manage on your own, you must get over those initial feelings. CABA are wonderful, you just need to call them today."

Find out more about the help Arthur received from CABA

Further information

If you’re a past or present ICAEW member, or a close family member, contact us to find out how we could be helping you.

You can: