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Find out how GroceryAid helped Professor Anne McArdle at a crucial time in her life after her supermarket manager father died when she was a teenager.


The video above tells the story of Anne McArdle's family and how they were helped by GroceryAid - the charity that helps thousands of grocery people in financial need and has done so for the last 160 years. 

After service in the Fleet Air Arm during the Second World War, Anne's father worked as a supermarket manager for many years. Her parents met when they were working together in the supermarket and married in 1947.

Anne and her father were very close and she was devastated when he died just before her 18th birthday.

Life without him was a struggle for Anne's mother, Anne and her brothers until GroceryAid stepped in with invaluable support for the family.  This allowed Anne to go on to university, where she graduated with an honours degree in biochemistry.

Now Professor McArdle, Anne is Head of the Department of Musculoskeletal Biology at the University of Liverpool, undertaking important research into why we all become frail as we age and how this can be prevented.  Something that wouldn't have been possible without GroceryAid's help.

I know my mom never forgot your kindness and neither have I. Thank you GroceryAid.

Work or have worked in the grocery industry and in need?

Can GroceryAid help you?

GroceryAid is the charity that helps thousands of grocery people. Whether you work, or have worked, within grocery manufacturing, wholesale, the supply chain or retail, GroceryAid is here to assist.

GroceryAid may be able to help with:

  • Regular financial support subject to eligibility criteria

  • Emotional support and practical guidance from experts through the GroceryAid Helpline. This includes, telephone befriending, counselling, relationship support, advice on health and personal issues and much more.

  • Legal issues, both personal and business

  • Physical support through the provision of essential basic items, such as cookers, beds, televisions and washing machines

  • Provision of mobility scooters and independence aids when appropriate

  • Carers support programme for those who undertake unpaid caring responsibilities.

GroceryAid Helpline

The confidential GroceryAid Helpline is available online and via freephone 08088 021122, 24/7, 365 days a year. No matter the time, the subject or the place.

The Helpline is a service supported by professionals who use their expert knowledge to assist across a wide range of subjects. It is designed to provide emotional support and equip individuals with the skills and knowledge they need to make informed decisions and deal with the pressures experienced in everyday life.

Carers Programme

If you undertake unpaid care for a relative or friend who due to illness, disability or addiction cannot cope without your support, then you are a Carer. GroceryAid can offer support for unpaid Carers and those who are cared for by unpaid Carers. The programme includes:

  • Annual visits by Caseworkers

  • Access to confidential GroceryAid Helpline

  • Access to telephone counselling services

  • Access to telephone befriending.

Those who meet eligibility criteria may also receive:

  • Up to £300 annually for a respite break

  • Quarterly grant, worth up to £884 pa for an initial 12 month period

  • Enrolment, where appropriate on the GroceryAid job re-entry programme.

For more details on the support GroceryAid can provide, please visit the GroceryAid website or call the GroceryAid Helpline on 08088 021122.

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