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Sons & Friends of the Clergy

Chief Executive, Jeremy Moodey, explains how his charity works to help serving and retired Anglican clergy and their families through times of poverty, hardship or illness.

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We are an Anglican clergy support charity governed by Royal Charter and with origins dating back to 1655. Our purpose is to promote, sustain and renew the wellbeing of Anglican clergy, whether serving or retired, and their dependants, so that they can flourish and be fruitful as they seek to serve God’s people and their wider communities.

How we help

Our main focus is the provision of means-tested financial grants to the households of eligible Anglican clergy in times of poverty or other financial hardship. We also provide support for special medical or educational cases. All support is provided by our small team of grants officers and is completely confidential.

Who we help

We support the following beneficiary groups:

  • Serving and retired Anglican clergy and their dependants

  • Divorced and separated spouses and civil partners of eligible clergy

  • Widows, widowers and surviving civil partners of eligible clergy

  • Anglican ordinands training for ministry in the UK.

The relevant clergy must be working in or have worked in:

  • The United Kingdom

  • The Republic of Ireland

  • The Diocese in Europe

  • The Diocese of Sodor and Man

  • The Channel Islands.

Or they must be Anglican clergy who currently work abroad, provided they are supported by a UK-based missionary society.

Our impact

In 2016 we gave out grants totalling over £2.4 million.

A recent impact study undertaken for us by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) indicated that our grants made a substantial difference in the lives of our beneficiaries. Over a third of those surveyed said they could not have coped without the financial support they had received from the charity.

We no longer provide grants for specific purposes, but nearly half of the serving clergy who receive our gifts use the money to take their family on holiday. Retired clergy, widows and ex-spouses most frequently put the gift towards paying utility bills.

Find out more

For more information on our work, contact us on:

Telephone: 020 7799 3696

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Date of publication: September 2017

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People we have helped

Our grants can make a substantial difference.

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